Words With Friends, Release Me From Your Fiendish Grip

The author discusses her complicated relationship with the only smart phone app that has ever captured her imagination as well as her time.

I Used to Read. Really.

Are you a big Scrabble fan? Me,neither. Until about three weeks ago, I played roughly once per year with an SEO services professional whose brain and knowledge of arcane letter combinations is greater than most linguists. She regularly beat the pants off me, but since wine was involved I overlooked it.

Famous Last Words

On one recent occasion she suggested I try Words With Friends, the virtual Scrabble knockoff created by the enterprising folks at Zynga. I am convinced that the Zynga game creators must be aliens poised to take over the planet and steal our remaining natural resources, because how else could rational adults create games of such intense addictive traits so as to render the game-playing population helpless?

“Look for me,” she said. “I’ll play with you.”

After a week or two of not getting around to it, I found myself alone on my kitchen couch on Sunday morning at 7am with a cup of coffee, a small dog nestled in my lap and a soft rain falling outside. With little desire to move, I grabbed my phone and downloaded what must be the most insidious and habit-forming of online games. Three cups of coffee and a bagel later, I was still there. At three o’clock in the afternoon. In my pajamas.

And just like that, an addiction was born.

I’m That Nut With Her Face in Her Phone

The next time you go to the dry cleaner, the gas station or the grocery store, look for me. I’m the one with her face buried in her phone, because I Can’t. Stop. Playing. I even tried to promise myself that I would do one—just one—word per day. Well, one word per day, per game. If I weren’t playing 12 games, then I suppose that wouldn’t be a problem.




Shouting at the Computer

Imagine using your voice to find online articles on automotive parts. From across the room you say “Computer: find articles on CJ Pony Mustang parts, and the computer, hearing and understanding your voice, goes online and finds the articles you need. The idea sounds like something from Star Trek, but voice recognition technology seems poised to be the latest technology to make the jump from science fiction to fact.

Nuance Communication and Siri

Voice recognition software has existed, in one form or another, since the 1980s, but was never sophisticated enough for widespread use until Apple introduced Siri, a soft-spoken, slightly sultry virtual assistant for the iPhone 4S. For the first time in history, we could talk to a machine and receive a human-like response.

Nuance Communications provides Siri’s speech recognition engine, and plans to expand voice recognition to all areas of life. No losing the remote with speech recognition: you’ll just tell the television what you want to watch. Nuance plans a world where your computer, car, entertainment system, thermostat and even coffee pot don’t just understand and respond to your voice — they’ll also talk back.

The idea of your coffee pot responding in Hal 2000′s voice is a little disturbing (“I wouldn’t have a third cup if I were you Dave”), but today’s technology could make it happen. At present, voice recognition systems use almost exclusively female voices, but as the technology catches on, we can expect a wider range of voice options. Your alarm clock could have the deep, authoritative tone of Sam Jackson, while your fridge might sound like a southern belle.

The Rise of Talking Machines

If the idea of talking appliances gives you pause, you’re not alone. While it might be convenient to call for a Ford Mustang parts search from across the room, some people see a dark side to voice recognition systems (and no, it’s not the Great Robot Uprising, although you might want to consider being nice and polite when you talk to the fridge from now on).

Privacy advocates note that voice recognition stores your conversation, which the software uses to improve how well it understands your voice. This means every appliance you talk to stores your voice, leaving an audio “trail”that could compromise your privacy.

Perhaps more alarmingly, we don’t know fully understand the possible emotional ramifications of talking machines. We’re hard-wired biologically to make social connections by speaking with other humans. How attached could someone get to a coffee pot that responds with human speech (as a possible indication of future problems, that last sentence was almost written as “a coffee pot who responds with human speech)? People who own Roombas have reported feeling affection for the little robots, much like they would for a cat or dog.

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